A Perfect Day in Kawagoe for Beginners! (Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, Kura no Machi, Kashiya Yokocho)

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Depart from Kawagoe Station (West Exit) or Honkawagoe Station on the CO-EDO Loop Bus!

The time is the holiday (Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday) schedule revised on December 16, 2023. Please be aware that the time schedule may change in case of new timetable adjustments.

Due to mandatory inspections, traffic regulations and other circumstances, the bus may not be a “EV Bonnet Bus”. We appreciate your understanding.

9:45 Depart 🚏Kawagoe Station (West Exit)

For those using the JR or Tobu Tojo Line, please take the CO-EDO Loop Bus from Kawagoe Station West Exit Bus Stop No.2. The bus to find is the “C02 Route” to Kura no Machi and Hikawa Shrine.

The fare is 200 yen per ride, and a Day-Pass ticket is 500 yen, which can also be purchased on the bus. (as of August 2023). Payment by transportation IC cards such as PASMO and Suica is supported. More details on the fare here》

9:51 Depart from 🚏Honkawagoe Station

For those using the Seibu Line, please board the bus from the CO-EDO Loop Bus Stop located at the Kura no Machi Exit (East Exit) of Honkawagoe Station.

Honkawagoe Station Bus Stop

↓🚌C02 Route to Kura no Machi and Hikawa Shrine

10:06 Arrive at 🚏Hikawa Shrine

Visit Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine is famous as the god of matchmaking! There are plenty of SNS photo opportunities such as Tai (Fish) Omikuji (fortune slips), and “Enmusubi Wind Chimes” (available for a limited time). Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine Website》

11:16 Depart from 🚏Hikawa Shrine

↓ 🚌C01 Route to Kita-in Temple and Kashiya Yokocho

11:18 Arrive at 🚏Otemon

Lunch at a Partner Shop in Otemon

When you get off at the Otemon bus stop, we recommend these Partner Shops that are within a 1 minute walk! Please present your One-day Pass when you order!

Partner Shop No.32: Sukitei Yoshitora

Partner Shop Service: A free coffee with a meal purchase.
Nearest bus stop: E12 Otemon, 1 minute on foot

The oldest Sukiyaki restaurant in Kawagoe is Yoshitora, founded in the 10th year of the Meiji period. Please enjoy the traditional taste that has been preserved and passed down for over 140 years. Lunch starts from 880 yen! (as of March 1, 2023)

Partner Shop No.138: Kawagoe Ushikawa

Partner Shop Service: A complimentary minced meat cutlet when purchasing a set meal.
Nearest bus stop: E12 Otemon, 1 minute on foot.

Enjoy “Hitsumabushi” made from A5 grade wagyu beef! Look for the golden cow. The restaurant is located inside the Matsumuraya Ryokan, a calm space with a beautiful Japanese-style house. Menchikatsu (which happens to be the Partner Shop Service) is also very popular.

Once full, take a comforable bus ride to Kashiya Yokocho! (You can also take a 5-6 minute walk instead.)

12:41 Depart from 🚏Otemon

↓ 🚌C01 Route to Kita-in Temple and Kashiya Yokocho

12:42 Arrive at 🚏Kashiya Yokocho (Penny Candy Lane)

Take a stroll from Kashiya Yokocho to the Toki no Kane (Time Bell Tower), Kura no Machi, Taisho Roman Street, and Renkeiji (buy souvenirs and food-on-the-go)

At Kashiya Yokocho, perhaps buy your friends some “dagashi” snack souvenirs and enjoy a variety of foods!

Take a break at a Partner Shop near Kashiya Yokocho

Partner Shop No. 96: Motomachi Coffee Shop Chimoto

Partner Shop Service: A free small sized soft cream when you order coffee or tea.
Nearest bus stop: E15 Kashiya Yokocho, 1 minute on foot

Located near Kashiya Yokocho bus stop, there is a cafe with a retro exterior. You can get a soft serve ice cream on-to-go, but if you order a coffee inside, you can get one for free.

There are many other Partner Shops in Kashiya Yokocho and Kura no Machi! Look for the Partner Shop Decal.

Please present your One-day Pass!

After walking toKura no Machi, walk around Taisho Roman Street and go to Renkeiji Temple Kita bus stop.

Wait for the return bus at a Partner Shop in front of Renkeiji Temple Kita bus stop

Once you’ve arrived at Renkeiji Temple Kita bus stop, take a break at Toshino Coffee shop until the bus arrives.

Partner Shop No.135:
Toshino Coffee

Partner Shop Service: Upsize your drink from a Small to a Medium for free.
Nearest bus stop:E18 Renkeiji Temple Kita, right near the stop.

It’s a Coffee Shop & Café with a picture of a French bulldog as a signature. Enjoy the highest-grade coffee from all over the world.

16:15 Depart from 🚏Renkeiji Temple Kita (The bus stop for Kawagoe Station/Honkawagoe Station is in front of Toshino Coffee)

↓🚌C02 Kura no Machi / Hikawa Shrine Route

Arrive at Kawagoe Station or Honkawagoe Station!

16:17 Arrive at 🚏Honkawagoe Station

16:29 Arrive at 🚏Kawagoe Station. What a fulfilling day!

Bus route map and walking route map (Summery)

The green line is the walking route from Kashiya Yokocho, Kura no Machi, Toki no Kane (Time Bell Tower), to Renkeiji Temple Kita bus stop.

If you walk without detours, it should take approximately 20 minutes (personal opinion of our staff), but please enjoy your time, as detours could contain new discoveries!

How was it? We would really appreciate it if you could post your favorite photos on SNS with the hashtag #小江戸巡回バス!

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