Hikawa-Shrine Prayer for Good Relationships Festival Bus

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Every 8th day and the 4th Saturday of the month

Operation date: Every 8th day and the 4th Saturday of the month

Service route
Outward trip
Kawagoe Station West Exit → Hon-Kawagoe Station → (Direct) → Hikawa Shrine

Return trip
Hikawa Shrine → Kita-in Temple → Hon-Kawagoe Station → Kawagoe Station West Exit

Special discounts for the Daily Pass

A round-trip ticket to Hikawa Shrine and unlimited rides on the CO-EDO LOOP BUS is sold on the outbound bus for a special discount of 350 yen, which is normally 500 yen.

The fare for one ride between each stop is as follows.
【Single ride fare】Adults 200 yen
※Hon-Kawagoe Station → Kawagoe Station West Exit is 100 yen.
・We accept PASMO and Suica type prepaid IC cards.

Timetable (Time until December 15th, 2023)

The CO-EDO LOOP BUS schedule will be revised on December 16, 2023. Please click here to check the timetable from December 16th≫

Note: Time enclosed in parenthesis below is the estimated time of arrival.

Bus Stop第1便第2便第3便第4便第5便
Kawagoe Station West Exit7:007:209:29
Hon-Kawagoe Station 7:067:269:35
Hikawa Shrine (7:21)(7:41)8:509:209:50
Hon-Kawagoe Station 8:579:279:57
Kawagoe Station West Exit (9:09)(9:39)(10:09)

Timetable (Time from December 16th, 2023)

Bus Stop第1便第2便第3便第4便
Kawagoe Station West Exit7:007:20
Hon-Kawagoe Station7:067:26
Hikawa Shrine(7:21)(7:41)8:509:20
Hon-Kawagoe Station8:579:27
Kawagoe Station West Exit(9:09)(9:39)
Bus stop Guidance

About Hikawa-Shrine Prayer for Good Relationships Festival

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine holds a good relationship prayer festival at 8:08 a.m. on the 8th and 4th Saturdays of each month. Eagle Bus operates a special bus timed accordingly to this prayer festival.

※Please complete the reception at the shrine office window around 7:50. If there are many people attending, we plan to pray for 80 people at a time, in order.

※Gifts: Marriage charms, lucky charms, etc.

★Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine Homepage http://www.kawagoehikawa.jp/