Strawberry picking on the CO-EDO LOOP BUS🍓


If you want to enjoy strawberry picking while sightseeing in Kawagoe, we recommend the CO-EDO LOOP BUS.

Kawagoe Strawberry Farm “Sujino”

You can enjoy strawberry picking at Kawagoe Strawberry Farm Sujino, which is a 3-minute walk from the E17 Agureshu Kawagoe bus stop on the CO-EDO LOOP BUS.

If you plan on going strawberry picking using the CO-EDO LOOP BUS, we recommend the “Daily Pass” that allows you to receive special services at the CO-EDO Partner Shops!

About fares and Daily Pass>>

You can also use “Koedo Kawagoe Free Coupons”, which is a packaged set that includes a train ticket and a one-day pass for the CO-EDO LOOP BUS issued by Seibu Railway, Odakyu Electric Railway, and Keio Electric Railway.

Daily Pass
Daily Pass

Kawagoe Strawberry Farm Sujino

CO-EDO LOOP BUS Daily Pass Partner Shop Special Service:

A 10% discount on admission fees for strawberry picking. (Per ticket.)
* Please show your “CO-EDO Loop Bus Daily Pass” at the entrance.

Bus stop timetable (Revised on December 9th, 2022)

It takes 18 minutes by bus from the West Exit of Kawagoe Station to Aguresh Kawagoe.
From Hon-Kawagoe Station, it takes 12 minutes by bus to Aguresh Kawagoe.

From the west exit of Kawagoe Station or Hon-Kawagoe Station, please take the CO-EDO LOOP BUS “C01 Kitain Temple / Kashiya Yokocho Route”.

“C01 Kitain Temple / Kashiya Yokocho Route” is not operated by an electric bonnet-style bus. It’s an regular silver bus.

After strawberry picking, you can take a bus from “Agureshu Kawagoe” Bus Stop to “Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine” or “Kuranomachi”.

Kawagoe Strawberry Farm Sujino

Address: 680-1 Jokamachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 350-0857

Closed: Mondays during the period ※Temporarily closed on February 7 (Tue)


This year (2023), you can enjoy strawberry picking from January 15th (until mid-May). During the season, the daily allotted portion of strawberries may run out in the morning. Please check the website of "Kawagoe Strawberry Farm Sujino" in regards to the strawberry status on the day.

Please note that the price for the year 2023 (March 1st to May 10th) varies depending on the season.

Elementary school students and older: 2,200 yen
Children from 3 years old to preschool: 1,500 yen
1-2 years old (child who can walk alone) 500 yen