Edo Shogunate – Visiting Tokugawa family’s Kita-in Temple and Honmaru Palace – Shopping and exploring the “Kura no Machi” and “Kashiya Yokocho”

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Departing from Kawagoe Station (West Exit) or Honkawagoe Station!

The timetable is as revised on December 16, 2023. Please be aware that the time schedule may change in case of new timetable adjustments.

09:15 Depart from 🚏Kawagoe Station(West Exit)

For those using the JR or Tobu Tojo Line, please take the CO-EDO Loop Bus from Kawagoe Station West Exit Bus Stop No.2. The bus to find is the “C01 Route” to Kita-in Temple and Kashiya Yokocho

The fare is 200 yen per ride, and a Day-Pass ticket is 500 yen, which can also be purchased on the bus. (as of August 2023). Payment by transportation IC cards such as PASMO and Suica is supported. More details on the fare here》

09:21 Depart from     🚏Honkawagoe Station

For those using the Seibu Line, please board the bus from the CO-EDO Loop Bus Stop located at the Kurazukuri Town Exit (East Exit) of Honkawagoe Station.

Honkawagoe Station Bus Stop

↓🚌C01 Route to Kita-in Temple and Kashiya Yokocho

09:27 Arrive at 🚏Kita-in Temple  

Visiting Kita-in Temple

You can visit the Shoin Hall , Kyakuden Hall (Lord Tokugawa Iemitsu’s birth room), the beautiful Japanese garden, 500 Statues of Rakan, and etc. (Admission fee required). Kita-in Temple Website

Lunch at a store around Kita-in Temple

Partner Shop No.24: Restaurant SAKAE

Partner Shop Service: A free welcome drink service during lunch hour. *Please show your “CO-EDO Loop Bus Daily Pass” at the entrance.
Nearest Bus Stop: E5 Kita-in Temple, 5-minutes on foot GoogleMAP

About a 5 minute walk from Kita-in Temple via Fudo Street.

A large pine tree, electric signboard, and historic Japanese-style house are landmarks at the restaurant. We recommended the “Coedo lunch”: Charcoal-Grilled Unagi Eel on Rice! It’s sure to give you an energy boost.

Partner Shop No. 128:
Hasunoka Cafe

Partner Shop Service: A 100 yen discount on meal menu items.
Nearest Bus Stop: E5 Kita-in Temple, a 1-minute on foot GoogleMAP

A relaxing and stylish cafe in front of the Kita-in Temple bus stop. Enjoy music inside the cafe while relaxing during your break.

12:17 Depart from 🚏Kita-in Temple

↓🚌C01 Route to Kita-in Temple and Kashiya Yokocho

12:23 Arrive at 🚏City Museum, City Art Museum

City Museum, City Art Museum Bus Stop

Visiting Honmaru Palace

Honmaru Palace is a one-minute walk across the street from the bus stop. Kawagoe Castle was built in 1457, and during the Edo period, the Samurai of the Shogunate served as the castle lords. The existing building was built in 1848, including the Grand hall and the Karō Assembly Room, which are part of the Honmaru Palace.

Taking a break at a store around Honmaru Palace

Partner Shop No. 27: Doukan

Partner Shop Service: A 5% discount when you purchase more than ¥500.
Nearest Bus Stop: E9 City Museum, City Art Museum, a 1-minute on foot GoogleMAP

A 1-minute walk from the bus stop is Doukan, a historical Japanese sweets shop established in 1921. The large rabbit in front of the shop is the landmark!

You can take a break on the benches after buying some sweets such as Dorayaki.

Partner Shop No. 112:
Cafe Coide

Partner Shop Service: Partner Shop Service: A free mini ice cream or free “drink bar” service (free refills until 14:00) when you order a meal or a drink. (Only one per person.)
Nearest Bus Stop: E9 City Museum, City Art Museum, a 2-minute walk GoogleMAP

Two-minute walk from the bus stop, past Doukan.

Cafe Coide is a great place to visit for a drink.

The store recommendation is the bread salad and drink bar set with the special Partner Shop service.

14:18 Depart 🚏City Museum, City Art Museum

Board the bus from the stop on the opposite side of the one you got off of, and head to “Kura no Machi”!

↓🚌C02 Route to Kura no Machi and Hikawa Shrine

14:23 Arrival at 🚏Kura no Machi

Exploring “Kura no Machi” · “Kashiya Yokocho”

Once you arrive in “Kura no Machi”, stroll around until you reach the Toki no kane (Time Bell Tower) and “Kashiya Yokocho”.

Shopping and resting around Kura no Machi and Kashiya Yokocho

There are many Partner Shops around “Kura no Machi” and “Kashiya Yokocho”! Look for the Partner Shop’s mark.

Maybe it’s a bit early, but… If you’re tired, hop on the bus to easily head home! You can ride the EV bonnet bus. (there might be instances where the bonnet bus isn’t available due to statutory inspections etc.)

16:59 Depart from 🚏Kura no Machi (The bus stop for Kawagoe Station – Honkawagoe Station is in front of Partner Shop store Mio Casalo)

↓🚌 (EV)C02 Kura no Machi / Hikawa Shrine Route

Arrival at Kawagoe Station or Honkawagoe Station!

17:03 🚏Arrive at 🚏Honkawagoe Station

17:15 🚏Arrive at 🚏Kawagoe Station. What a fulfilling day!

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