Rent a kimono near Renkeiji Temple and tour “Kura no Machi”, “Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine”, and “Kashiya Yokocho” (One day)

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This sightseeing tour itinerary is designed for physically active ladies and couples who want to fully utilize the CO-EDO Loop Bus from the first to the final bus.

Depart from Kawagoe Station (West Exit) or Honkawagoe Station on the CO-EDO Loop Bus!

The time is the holiday (Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday) schedule revised on December 16, 2023. Please be aware that the time schedule may change in case of new timetable adjustments.

Due to mandatory inspections, traffic regulations and other circumstances, the bus may not be a “EV Bonnet Bus”. We appreciate your understanding.

10:35 Depart 🚏Kawagoe Station (West Exit)

For those using the JR or Tobu Tojo Line, please take the CO-EDO Loop Bus from Kawagoe Station West Exit Bus Stop No.2. The bus to find is the “C02 Route” to Kura no Machi and Hikawa Shrine.

The fare is 200 yen per ride, and a Day-Pass ticket is 500 yen, which can also be purchased on the bus. (as of August 2023). Payment by transportation IC cards such as PASMO and Suica is supported. More details on the fare can be found here≫.

10:41 🚏Depart Honkawagoe Station

For those using the Seibu Line, please board the bus from the CO-EDO Loop Bus Stop located at the Kura no Machi Exit (East Exit) of Honkawagoe Station.

Honkawagoe Station bus stop

↓🚌(EV Bus)C02 Route to Kura no Machi and Hikawa Shrine.

10:43 Get off at 🚏Renkeiji Kita.

Rent a kimono from a CO-EDO Partner Shop

There are two CO-EDO participating stores near Renkeiji Kita Bus Stop where you can rent a kimono. Please mention that you are using the One-Day CO-EDO Loop Bus Ticket when making a reservation.

Once you have changed into a kimono, let’s take a stroll around the Taisho Roman Street♪

Partner Shop No.133: Kimonoya Sara Main Shop
Partner Shop No.134: Kimonoya Sara 2nd Shop

Partner Shop Service: A free little gift. (Some products are excluded.)
Nearest bus stop: E18 Renkeiji Temple Kita, 1 minute on foot.

As soon as you get off at the Renkeiji Temple Kita bus stop, you will find kimono-ya Sara’s 2nd shop. The main shop is on the right side, across the pedestrian crossing.。

The owner, who is known for her expertise and artistic preferences, also has experience with many photo shoots as well! She can surely help you choose a kimono that fits your preference.

Partner Shop No.105: Kawagoe Kimono Rental Yuzuya Main Shop

Partner Shop Service: A free gift when you rent a Kimono. Please mention that you are using the One-Day CO-EDO Loop Bus Ticket when making a reservation or using the service.
Nearest bus stop: E18 Renkeiji Temple Kita, 4 minutes on foot.

Located at the second floor of the red brick building just inside Taisho Roman Street. Even if it is your first time wearing kimonos, you’ll be sure to relax from the warm and understanding staff. You may become a repeat customer! The shop is also often visited by many tourists.

Have lunch at Kura no Machi wearing a kimono

Walk from Taisho Roman Street to Toki no kane (Time Bell Tower). Be sure to take lots of photos!

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, have a lunch at a CO-EDO Partner Shop in Kura no Machi♪ There are plenty of CO-EDO Partner Shops in Kura no Machi! Please present your One-Day Ride Ticket when ordering!

Partner Shop No.55: Kanmisabo Kasuga

Partner Shop Service: Showing your daily pass, A 5% discount.
Nearest bus stop: E14 Kura no Machi, 4 minutes on foot.

Enjoy the unique menu “Sweet Potato Somen Noodle” and enjoy sweets like parfaits, matcha, and dango regardless of the time of day. The interior was recently renovated, and the spacious and stylish space balances perfectly with the 140-year-old exterior which is built in the traditional “Kurazukuri” (warehouse architecture) style. The hospitality of the veteran staff will surely be heartwarming.

Partner Shop No.58: Koedo Kaiuntei

Partner Shop Service: A free cup of softdrink when you purchase a ¥1000 or greater “Gozen” meal. * Except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays
and the New Year’s holiday.
Nearest bus stop: E14 Kura no Machi, 3 minutes on foot.

Located on the second floor of a knife shop, you can enjoy meals while looking down on the Kura no Machi from the window seats! The store appears to be popular among both men and women with dishes like Yakisoba and cold Udon noodles. The house-special “thick-noodle Yakisoba” is highly recommended.

Partner Shop No.122: Fueki Syoyu Brewing Noodle Restaurant “Unton place Shunka-shuto”

Partner Shop Service: A free soy sauce dish when you order a meal or purchase more than 2500 Yen.
Nearest bus stop: E14 Kura no Machi, 1 minute on foot.

The relaxing atmosphere inside the store is very impressive. The entrance is located off Shiawase Inari-alley in Kura no Machi. Enjoy the richly flavored dishes that only a soy sauce shop can offer. They also offer desserts made using soy sauce that we highly recommend.

Partner Shop No.50: Seafood Kinchouoten

Partner Shop Service: A free dessert with your meal purchase.
Nearest bus stop: E14 Kura no Machi, 2 minutes on foot.

This restaurant specializing in seafood cuisine has been operating a fish market for four generations and is located directly in front of “Toki no Kane.” Here, you can enjoy freshly caught fish as sashimi or grilled, with set meals available at reasonable prices. A electric clock passed down from the previous generations and magnificent support beams above adding a deep flavor, is sure to make you feel the history of Coedo.

Partner Shop No.36: Mio Casalo

Partner Shop Service: A free soft drink service when you order meal at the restaurant.
Nearest bus stop: E14 Kura no Machi, 1 minute on foot.

Recently renovated, this restaurant provides a stylish atmosphere for dining and for take-out, an extra-long sausage and other dishes. The recommended menu for lunch, which takes advantage of the Partner Shop Service, is the “Mio Casalo Plate” made with “Coedo Black Pork,” raised and nurtured well at Ohno Farm. The store is located right in front of the bus stop which leads back towards Kawagoe Station and Honkawagoe Station!

Partner Shop No.85: Cafe Torocco

Partner Shop Service: A ¥100 discount for Satsumaimo Mini-Kaiseki (A sweet potato Japanese‐style mini course meal).
Nearest bus stop: E14 Kura no Machi, 1 minute on foot

The “Sweet Potato Mini Course”, which lets you enjoy side dishes on small plates, is one lunch menu that pairs well with a kimono and is sure to make you happy. The traditional “Kurazukuri” building often seen in photos of Kawagoe is connected to “Torocco” and is “Touho Yamawa,” a ceramics store.

In addition to these, there are many more Partner Shops in Kura no Machi where you can have lunch! Look for the Partner Shop Decal.

After feeding your appetite, let’s head to Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine.

14:27 Depart 🚏Kura no Machi (From the bus stop in front of the Kawagoe Festival Hall)

↓🚌 (EV)C02 Route to Kura no Machi and Hikawa Shrine

14:36 Arrive at 🚏Hikawa Shrine

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine is famous as the god of matchmaking! There are plenty of SNS photo opportunities such as Tai (Fish) Omikuji (fortune slips), and “Enmusubi Wind Chimes” (available for a limited time). Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine Website.

Next, let’s go to Kashiya Yokocho! The CO-EDO Loop Bus has a bus stop right at Kashiya Yokocho. You can relax in a kimono as you don’t have to walk too far.

15:19 Departs 🚏Hikawa Shrine

↓🚌 C01 Route to Kita-in Temple and Kashiya Yokocho

15:22 Get off at 🚏Kashiya Yokocho (Penny Candy Lane)

Let’s also visit Kashiya Yokocho (Penny Candy Lane)

Partner Shop No. 99 Tamarikiseika

Partner Shop Service: A free Chiyomusubi (candy) when you purchase more than \1,000.
Nearest bus stop: E15 Kashiya Yokocho (Penny Candy Lane) bus stop, 1 minute on foot.

This is a famous candy store in Kashiya Yokocho. The yuzu-flavored candies, popular among foreigners, and herb throat candies that fly off the shelf. You can enjoy shopping while chatting with the store owner♪

There are also many other Partner Shops in Kashiya Yokocho!

Let’s return the kimono

From Kashiya Yokocho, pass through the Kura no Machi area to return the kimono to the rental shop. On your way back, try to find a Partner Shop for a good deal!

Wait for the return bus at Renkeiji Temple Kita bus stop

After walking to the Renkeiji Temple Kita bus stop, which is near the kimono rental shop, let’s take a break at Toshino Coffee in front of the bus stop until the bus comes. Check out the photos from today!

Partner Shop #135 Toshino Coffee

Partner Shop Service: Upsize your drink from a Small to a Medium for free.
Nearest bus stop: E18 Renkeiji Temple Kita, right near the stop.

It’s a Coffee Shop & Café with a picture of a French bulldog as a signature. Enjoy the highest-grade coffee from all over the world.

17:01 Depart from 🚏Renkeiji Temple Kita 

↓🚌 (EV) C02 Kura no Machi / Hikawa Shrine Route

Arrive at Kawagoe Station / Honkawagoe Station!

17:03 Arrive at 🚏Honkawagoe Station

17:15 Arrive at 🚏Kawagoe Station. What a fulfilling day!!

Bus route map and walking route map (Summery)

The blue line is the walking route from Kashiya Yokocho bus stop to Kura no Machi, Kimono rental shop, and Hasen-ji Kita bus stop.

How was it? We would really appreciate it if you could post your favorite photos on SNS with the hashtag #小江戸巡回バス!

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